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You put a lot of time and money into your car. Make sure you know exactly how your money is being spent using Car Logger! It will track fuel consumption and maintenance costs smart and effectively with it's simple and easy to use interface.

Other apps will let you let you enter your costs and odometer readings too, but only Car Logger gives you the reporting abilities that you really need to effectively see how you're spending your money.

Features include:

  • Track your distances travelled in kilometers or miles.
  • Fuel volume is tracked in your choice of litres, US gallons, and UK gallons
  • Costs are broken down into six categories: Accessories, Fines, Insurance, Maintenance, Parking, Registration, and Other.
  • Fuel consumption can be calculated in one of 18 different ways! l/100km, mpg (US), mpg (UK), miles/litre, and more!
  • Reporting allows you to view all of your totals and averages for custom date ranges and even compare totals for one time period to another!
  • If you decide you want to change the value types for a specific car, Car Logger will convert all of the data to the new units for you!
  • Use the Export feature to backup your car's information so that you can restore it at another time or on another device.



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